Poked by needles

No stims yet, that will be March and April, but I just finished my first acupuncture session!  After talking with a great friend who has gone through two rounds of IVF (first without acupuncture and failed, second with acupuncture that was a success), I decided to start my sessions now.  She had a great point – if it has been around for this long and fertility offices actually have acupuncture within their office, it must have some benefit.  Plus, there is research to show IVF success is linked to acupuncture.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t (and sometimes still) have my doubts.  I have always had difficulty getting on board with almost any meditative session, be that yoga, straight meditation and positive thinking, or acupuncture.  I have a very hard time taking down my go-go-go nature a notch and quieting my thoughts (which typically include worrying and fixating on something).   However, since I also go into “fix-it” mode all the time, I am completely open to anything that would help our plan (IVF) by successful (baby).

The first appointment was in another SGFC office and I was happy with all of it.  She asked why I came, what my history was, and general information on my lifestyle habits.  Then, I went in for my first session.  I felt the very faintest needle pokes and then nothing .. until about 10 minutes in.  Then I could feel slight pinching type feelings at some of the needle locations.  About 10 minutes later I felt this pulsing and gushing and tingling feeling through my left side/arm.  It was kinda cool.  Nothing painful.  I just really started to relax.

So we will see.  They recommend 1x/week.  It isn’t cheap though.  I am thinking about going every other week until March.  Maybe half way through March I’ll start every week and go every week until our first beta in April.  Any thoughts out there? See any success with acupuncture overall or a certain schedule?


4 thoughts on “Poked by needles

  1. i started getting acupuncture long before the western docs diagnosed us finally with infertility. i think it really helped even out my cycles, and definitely reduced the results of stress. without her, i might have never discovered i had a thyroid issue also, since by the usual screening tests, i was always “normal”. i saw her about once a week, and she was present for my transfer. definitely one of our biggest cheerleaders throughout the whole ordeal!


  2. I love acupuncture but stopped going when I was recovering from my ectopic last year. This post is a great reminder to get back into it! I felt like it really helped me relax through my treatment and the anticipation of treatment. Yay for pokes. Lol.


    1. I like that it forces me to take 30 minutes for myself. There is no point thinking about everything I have to do since I am laying on a table with needles in me 🙂 Hope you can get back to it!

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